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VirtuaJewel is a unique concept in Jewellery Sampling and Imaging. VirtuaJewel is a system which Scans and Digitizes your jewellery and creates a special file (Virtual Jewellery) In to the computer. You can treat this Virtual Jewellery as you would treat a normal piece of Jewellery ( other than wear it ).

You can store this file at virtually no cost and there is no need to retain your original sample which saves cost. You may Digitize special pieces of jewellery where duplication is not possible. ( antiques, designer pieces etc )

Virtual Jewellery can viewed on the screen, rotated, Zoomed and photographed from any angle. For all practical purposes it is like having the piece with you. You can email the Virtual Jewel for approval ( sending actual piece may not be possible - antiques, special high value pieces ) You may prevent design infringement by preventing printing or copy ing of your virtual Jewel.

Did You Know...

CardMaker allows you to create Guarantee Cards, Customer Loyalty cards, Discount Cards for your schemes on your normal inkjet printer.
CardMaker can also be used as a unique coin packing system.

What Can You Do with a 3D Image ?


The output of VirtuaJewel 3d is just like a virtual sample. You can Exchange 3D samples over email. The recpient of your 3D sample will be able to view the same interactively. Get Designs Approved instantly without Sending Actual Samples, Photograph or Print Catalogues. View, Rotate, Zoom like normal Jewellery. You can create Unlimited Samples Without Any Cost. CLICK HERE TO VIEW 3D SAMPLES

Jewellery Photography

VirtuaJewel allow capture of high quality photographs of Jewellery without any knowledge of Photography. No need to adjust lighting, focus, lenses. Just keep your Jewellery in VirtuaJewel and get Stunning pictures everytime.